2018.08.07 EVENT

LIFEvo1~DJ Kenichiro Nishihara~

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We are going to have our own event called “LIFE”!


For the very 1stevent, we invite KENICHIRO NISHIHARA who is working as a sound director, composer, producer and DJ. He was working on Tokyo collection, Paris collection and Ginza Six.


We’ve got two more DJs from Fukuoka.


One is YAS SUN BUNCH, who plays Rooms@Yoyogi gymnasium, SECRET STAR and other loads of shows.  He organizes the event called “All connection” and he is playing in Tokyo, Ishigaki-island and Fukuoka as well.

Also, he is one of the members who planned “SPICY JOURNEY” which is our event held at THE LIFE HOSTEL.


Another DJ is YOSUKE, who is fascinated with Soul music and expresses his sense coming from his remarkable talent.


Don’t miss them!



GUEST DJ:Kenichiro Nishihara (Jazcrafts)

INFOMATION:THE LIFE 092-292-1070 / +81922921070 / info@thelife-hostel.com

DATE:8.25 (SAT)
OPEN : PM 6:00
CHARGE:ADV ¥1500(1D) / DOOR ¥2000 (1D)

You are not allowed to cancel and refund your ticket.

Tickets are sold at THE LIFE HOSTEL so feel free to ask us.

Kenichiro Nishihara

Composer / Arranger / Producer

Representative, Music Level Production “UNPRIVATE ACOUSTICS” (UNPRIVATE Corp.)


Since 1996, he has arranged, composed and produced music in a wide range of genres, centering on fashion.
In 2008, he released his first album, “Humming Jazz,” and in 2010 his second, “LIFE.”
He has collaborated with the Folklove series and corporate brands, as well as shown his capabilities
in a wide range of productions and projects, including producing compilations of musical pieces and artists.


Based on dance music, his smooth, jazzy sounds of comfort and sense of melody
featuring the piano have been a strong influence not only in Japan,
but all around the world, with many of his works succeeding on the hit charts.
With the start of his new project, “ESNO,” in 2012,
he is in pursuit of the potentials in new music that cannot be defined by genre.
His first ESNO album, “Visionary,” was released in September 2012.